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Umanni HR

Umanni HR

Performance management Suite: Anytime, Anywhere

Umanni HR offers specific modules to manage your organization's assessments, goals, and performance. Enjoy a personalized experience using the most suitable performance management methodology you choose. This tool is recommended when your company's performance management needs flexibility.


  • Define competencies
  • Online evaluation of employee competencies
  • Improve feedback between managers and staff
  • Full history access.
  • Access anywhere.

Goals and Performance

  • Employee goals setup.
  • Employee performance evaluation.
  • Employee classification by performance.
  • Employee rewarding.
  • Full history access
  • Access anytime anywhere

Individual Development Plan

  • Employee competencies gaps identification.
  • Employee performances gaps identification.
  • Help employees to improve performance.
  • Help employees to improve competencies.
  • Enable managers to control all process.
  • Full history access.
  • Manage all development needs in a single place.

Matrix of Talents (9-Box)

  • Allow quadrants of any two variables.
  • Performance x Competencies x Potential (2by2).
  • Who are your talents?
  • Who are the top performers?
  • Who really makes the difference?
  • Who could be the next incumbent of a position?
  • Discover them through big talent maps (9-Box).

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